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Union Contractors Council


Our Mission

To work to ensure that Southwest Illinois remains a viable market for the construction of new homes, and the renovation and remodeling of existing homes. To promote Southwest Illinois as a preferred location for home buyers in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. To promote, educate and train the union residential contractor's active in the Southwest Illinois market, and their employees.

An annual marketing campaign runs weekly in the Belleville News-Democrat promoting HB&R UCC Remodeling Professionals for consumer recognition. This campaign is funded by HB&R UCC for any signatory to the Carpenters District Union to be featured.


HB&R UCC supports Sponsorship for HB&R events that promote New Homes & Home Renovation in Southwest Illinois.

Home Show
Home Envy
Homes on Parade


Everyone who is signatory in Illinois to the Carpenters' District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity pays an hourly portion to support the efforts of the SIAF Board. These funds are put into an account that is managed by the SIAF Board, appointed by the Carpenters' District Council. The SIAF Board was designed to promote the Home Building Industry and by doing this promote man hours, providing a better quality of living for all those involved.

Carpenters' District Council

SIAF was created to form a Board made up of members from Union Carpenters of Illinois and Home Builders & Remodelers Metro East Association to oversee funds from union carpenters that are used to promote the industry in our local area.

Members of the SIAF Board are:

Todd Bender: (314) 426-3736
Tom Kinsella: (618) 656-8243
Ron Padgett: (618) 236-7073
Steve Knebel: (618) 345-8615
Coy Mullenix: (618) 580-5025
Chris Ferrari: (636) 537-2000